You ever feel like you met someone at the wrong time?  You feel like they could be your soul mate, your person.  But something happens and you have no control over it.  Nothing you could do to stop it. A relationship that could have been. Well now I am stuck.  I recently went back to... Continue Reading →


How About You Never Speak To Me Again

When I say something, I mean it.  If someone asks me if I said something, or they heard I said something, I have no problem confirming or denying my words.  I know what I said, because I meant it when I said it.  The thing about our words, is that it's the only thing you... Continue Reading →

I Really Miss You

Songs: "The Other" by Lauv and "Youth" by Troye Sivan This goes out to someone that I wish I could be closer to.  You are really a great person, and we had a lot of great times together while it lasted.  I know all things must end, but it still felt too soon.  It's been... Continue Reading →

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