Trust in the Universe

For me, religion has never been a part of my life.  Many that I know use it as a guide; a higher power having control over their destinies is somehow comforting to them.  For me, I see organized religion as scam to control the people.  I don't need a book to tell me how to... Continue Reading →



Very recently, it was brought to my attention that my standards for a relationship are too high, and that's why I'm not dating.  It was news to my.  Unsolicited advice, of course.  Why does a grown ass adult give a shit about my love life? It's kinda strange that a stranger to me felt the... Continue Reading →

Be Particular to Be Happy

via Daily Prompt: Particular Particular- used to single out an individual member of a specified group or class. More than one of my friends has told me that I am too demanding when it comes to potential relationships.  I'm always single because I'm too nit-picky, too particular about what I want. And that's okay.  I know... Continue Reading →

Prioritizing relationships

As young people, one of the new things in life is learning how to navigate relationships.  More specifically, romantic relationships and how to balance them.  From what I have observed, people my age do not know how to coincide relationships with their current friendships.  And in the long run, that could turn out to be... Continue Reading →

My 2PM driving buddy

Today on my Facebook feed, someone had posted a quote: "Who are you gonna drive to at 2 o'clock in the morning when you realize your true             happiness isn't right next to you" I'm not sure who the author is, I was not able to find one. Anyways, this is... Continue Reading →

Life Owes You Nothing

via Daily Prompt: Expect Expect: to look forward to; regard as likely to happen. At one point in our lives, we learn to stop expecting life to give us things.  For me, this probably happened in elementary school, in second grade.  I had missed the school bus, on the day of a field trip.  I... Continue Reading →


One of the first things that people notice about me is how steadfast I am in my opinions and morals.  If I believe in something, I will stand by it no matter what.  I'm not sure if it is the way I was raised, or just my personality, but I have pretty much always been... Continue Reading →

Digesting Butterflies

In looking for a relationship, I've wanted different things at different times.  At first, I guess I wanted to feel a rush.  Butterflies every time that person was around.  The excitement was what I was after.  I was friends with someone who made me feel that way.  Nervousness every time they were around me.  Of... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Elastic Elastic:  able to resume its normal shape spontaneously after contraction, dilatation, or distortion. You know what elastic is, right? It's that stuff in your waistband that snaps back to size even if it was stretched before.  It's very useful in pajama pants, underwear, pretty much any clothing with elastic is going to... Continue Reading →

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