From Demure to Dominant

via Daily Prompt: Dominant Dominant- most important, powerful, or influential. These days, anyone that knows me or meets me knows that I have a very commanding, dominant personality.  When I meet someone new, they know what I'm all about in about five minutes.  I have zero problem with sharing my opinions or stories.  Oftentimes when I... Continue Reading →


Be Particular to Be Happy

via Daily Prompt: Particular Particular- used to single out an individual member of a specified group or class. More than one of my friends has told me that I am too demanding when it comes to potential relationships.  I'm always single because I'm too nit-picky, too particular about what I want. And that's okay.  I know... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Droll

via Daily Prompt: Droll Droll- curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement When describing me, a theme has popped up as early as middle school; I can be described as being very droll.  I'd like to think that I am at least somewhat funny, but most of my friends agree.  I pride myself... Continue Reading →

My Black Soul

via Daily Prompt: Black Black- of the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white. Oftentimes, I find myself joking around saying that I have a black heart or black soul.  Of course, no one actually takes you seriously when you say this.  But what if... Continue Reading →

via Daily Prompt: Enlighten Enlighten: give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation The goal  is To Enlighten you and In that Enlighten myself

Life Owes You Nothing

via Daily Prompt: Expect Expect: to look forward to; regard as likely to happen. At one point in our lives, we learn to stop expecting life to give us things.  For me, this probably happened in elementary school, in second grade.  I had missed the school bus, on the day of a field trip.  I... Continue Reading →


via Daily Prompt: Elastic Elastic:  able to resume its normal shape spontaneously after contraction, dilatation, or distortion. You know what elastic is, right? It's that stuff in your waistband that snaps back to size even if it was stretched before.  It's very useful in pajama pants, underwear, pretty much any clothing with elastic is going to... Continue Reading →

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