If you could impart one lesson on a child, what would it be? Why?

I think that this is a good question, and one that requires so philosophical thinking at that.

What first came to mind for me is kindness.  Everyone wants to be seen as a kind person.  But then I thought, “That’s too easy.  I can do better than that.”

If I could teach a young child one lesson, I would teach them to be open-minded.  If a person is open-minded, they will be kind by default.  I consider myself to be open to new ideas.  Maybe if more people were like that, they’d be more compassionate.  If you are open to points of view that are not the same as yours, you can learn from that.  If people were more willing to take the time to try to understand things they didn’t before, we could get along better.

But all of that comes from having an open mind.  People that are hard set in their ways and not willing to change, are the worst people. If we were taught to accept others, regardless of differences, early on, the world would be better for it


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