In life, we like to categorize and put people in boxes.  This is a harmful practice and limits the way we interact with people.

However, I like to categorize myself into groups and types, just to try to better understand myself.  Remember, it’s easier to let a cat get into a box than to try to force a cat into a box.

I am going to take all of the basic ‘personality’ tests again and put my fully updated typecasts here.  A note here- this is just something that I like to do for fun, and is not necessarily to be taken seriously.

I’ll start easy.  I was born on October 25, so I am a Scorpio.  Many people know that astrology is just a crock and a scam.  But that’s just because they don’t think any further than their birthday.  I have been learning how to read my birth chart, and have learned that I have the Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Aries, Ascendant in Leo, and Venus in Virgo.  Unless you actually care about this type of thing, you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Just know that the different aspects work in different parts of your life.

Next, on to my favorite, Harry Potter sorting. My house is Ravenclaw.  Every single time for every single test, official or not, I have gotten Ravenclaw.  I feel though, if I wasn’t a Ravenclaw, I would definitely be a Slytherin.  I think I portray qualities of both.  The difference is what you value.  I do value wisdom and wit over anything else, which seems to be a good fit.  My Illvermony house is Thunderbird.  The American houses are more about what defines and represents you, rather than what you value.  So my soul and experiences are what makes me, me.  My patronus is a black adder, which is a type of snake.  Not really sure what that means, but I think it’s cool.  My wand would be Maple [represents adventure and exploration; prefers ambition in its user] Unicorn core [consistent and reliable] 10 inches, and supple [adaptability and willingness to change]. Now of course, this isn’t scientific at all, and more for fun.  But I do think that these are pretty fair assumptions about me.  [All info courtesy of Pottermore.com]

My myers-briggs type is INTP, or the logician.  I is for introverted over extroverted, N is Intuitive over Observant, T is thinking vs feeling, and P is perceiving over judging.  There is also the A/T variant, which is either Assertive or Turbulent.  I am an A, which is confident and self assured.  All of these together make an inventive and creative person, making a philosopher or architect.  This type makes up about 3% of the population, which is quite rare.  [ more information can be found at 16personalities.com]

The last one that I am familiar with is Enneagram.   For this one, I am type 5, the Investigator with equal wings.  The wings are the Individualist and the Loyalist.  I am on even footing with these, not having a preference for one or the other.

So what’s the point of all of these? They don’t actually prove anything, so why do them? While I wouldn’t base anything serious on these types of tests, I do feel like they have a purpose.  They help you understand some of your basic traits, and can help you to see how others see you.  For example, one overarching trait in all of these types is determination.  It took me a long time to realize that not everyone else was as driven as I was.  So of course, these aren’t things to be taken as fact, but can be fun to learn a little bit about yourself.


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