One of the first things that people notice about me is how steadfast I am in my opinions and morals.  If I believe in something, I will stand by it no matter what.  I’m not sure if it is the way I was raised, or just my personality, but I have pretty much always been this way.  If there is a social issue I believe in, I won’t budge for anything.

I argue a lot with people on facebook, or in person, and often I just like to discuss and debate for the fun of it.  But I have very strong core values (shout out to Big Brother) that are pretty much not going to change.  For example, I am very against cheating, in whatever form.  I would never cheat on my partner, and I will never have a part in someone else cheating.  In the past, I was presented with a situation where I could have let someone cheat, emotionally, but I was going to have no part of it.  My friend didn’t feel as strongly as I did, and was fine with it, but I refused to be involved.

Living in a household where there are constant differences of opinion on politics, gets to be very difficult.  I will argue for hours if I let myself just for the sake of argument.  It’s not that I can’t concede, it’s just that I feel so strongly that I don’t see any other option.

On things that I’m not sure about, I refuse to say anything.  If I don’t know what my stance is, than I will wait until I know how I feel.  I would rather wait to be absolutely sure on how I feel, so I can make an informed decision, and then be able to defend myself.

My suggestion to others is not necessarily to do what I do.  Sometimes I get so steeped in my morals and opinions, that I can’t see the other side.  Don’t do that.  But know what you believe. Hold strong to that.  And know when to die on the hill.


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