I know I haven’t been posting.  And it’s not even that I can use being sick or busy as an excuse.  It’s that I have no motivation to write.  I’ve always got ideas in my head, and it’s not too hard to transfer my thoughts from my head into writing.  I just don’t want to do it right now.   I’ve got about six different drafts sitting waiting to be revised and published, but I don’t want to sit and do it.

I’m just not interested in putting any work towards this right now.  So I’d rather not post anything than poor quality.  This is what depression does.  It strips you of your motivation. It takes things that you love and makes them meaningless.


One thought on “Still Gone

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  1. Don’t force yourself. One day soon you’ll most likely want to pick it back up. Hope you feel better. Try to find the right balance between letting yourself let go and also focusing on doing stuff you like.


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