A Balancing Act


How do you assess the value of your life?  How do you determine What You Are Worth?  Do you deal in absolutes or is everything on a spectrum?  Many value their existence based on their success.  But what is success?  For some, that’s finally opening that family business that’s been in the works for about a decade now.  Maybe it’s having a family in a decent sized house in the country side.  Five little ones running around, helping on the farm to raise the animals while the husband is working the crops. There will always be a young child saying they want to president when they grow up.  A woman becomes the Governor of Mississippi. A  jewish gay guy becomes the first senator of his kind for New Mexico.  Those people would probably say that they were successful, having set their hearts on politics at 10. Some find their purpose in making a difference in fighting systematic oppression.  Maybe you want to finally get that doctoral degree.  Or find your soul mate.  Serve your county.Getting to travel the world,  backpacking through the mountains. Many are dead set on spending their whole life trying to acquire more wealth, make more money, become rich. We all know one.  That rich snobby kid whose parents give them whatever they want, be it arbitrary possessions or stacks of cash.  For many living in poverty or terrible home situations, the ‘I made it’ moment happens when they finally set foot on campus of the college they got a full ride to [I definitely had one of these]

However people determine their success in life, I feel it is based on hopes and dreams, aspirations.


For all those material things, the concept behind it abstract.  And maybe we need, as a society, a paradigm shift.  Stop thinking constantly about the things we can hold in our hands and take a second look at what we can’t.

Love. Family. Happiness. Friends. Home. Adventure. Faith. Hope. Compassion.

Those are all abstract concepts, but we all crave them.  Each of those things elicits feelings.  Each person has their own scents and songs and people that they associate with those things.  Nothing can duplicate the feeling you get whey you hear a new song and it gives you goosebumps.  Driving at midnight with your best frinds singing old songs at the top of your lungs.  Pulling an all-nighter fininshing a novel because you have to know what happens next.  Your first dance, or high school football game.  The first time you hear applause for you at your first concert.  Getting to go to the bathroom after being stuck in a packed car for three hours.  The first time your partner says “I love you.” Holding  your first published work in your hand.  Nothing will ever beat or compare to that.

Life deserves to be appreciated.  So yes, enjoy all the things you can hold in your hand.  But don’t forget the abstract.


One thought on “A Balancing Act

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  1. Such a beautiful message in your writing…actually two:
    1. Stop thinking constantly about the things we can hold in our hands and take a second look at what we can’t.
    2. Holding your first published work in your hand. Nothing will ever beat or compare to that.


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