Here is the essay that I wrote for my honor’s college application, in line with my high school writings

My favorite word is one not used in everyday conversation.  It’s a word that is often misunderstood. Most of the time it is defined as otherworldly or supernatural; it can also be used in a religious context.  I prefer to interpret it as rising above or going beyond limits. I feel that if you were to go to the center of me, that is what you find; if I had to sum up myself in one word, transcendental is the word I would use.

I have had many injustices done to me in my short life, but I have chosen to transcend all.  I did not give myself any other choice.  Many have told me that I have been an inspiration to them because of this.  Fighting chronic illness for all of my life, bulling, years of abuse, but I fought through it all.  I built myself up stronger after each blow.  I am the embodiment of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I persevered, always telling myself things would get better.  At times I felt like that’s how I would spend my whole life: always being knocked down and never having the opportunity to move forward.  Now, I am graduating and going to school in Huntsville.  I never thought I would make it.  But my transcendental attitude helped me to make it here. That, plus teachers and friends that believed in me.

Ultimately, all great people have to transcend; that is what makes it such a beautiful word. The people that I look up to in my life have been transcendental in some way. Either getting past a rough spot with family or making a life-changing decision.  Living this way is not something you just do, you have to choose to live an inspirational life. Each day you have to actively seek ways to go beyond limits with yourself, work, school, or whatever stands in your way. You know you have transcended when you can still be kind to all, and still reach for the stars after setbacks and people who knock you down. I feel like I have done this all my life, and it’s what makes me the inspirational, transcendental person I am.

At some point, every person has to jump and learn how to fly, figuratively.  Rising above and going beyond limits is part of being a person.  Not everyone transcends to the same degree, and that’s what distinguishes us.  What defines is us is not or situation, but how we react and rise above it.


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