High School Writings pt. 2

I believe that I wrote this for a class where we were preparing for college applications. This is the BS that I threw up on the page.  I even got a good grade on it


In any normal situation, people are not really who they are. They are shielding themselves, guarding from the outside world.  But when a person stops doing this, break down the walls, they are free to themselves.  This doesn’t happen too often, usually when they are alone, free from judgment.  So when I get to experience a person giving me a piece of themselves, it is truly a remarkable experience.

The first time this happened, I was almost missed it. This person (who we’ll call person A) and I had went on break after helping with the marching band state evaluation. We sat and talked a little but mostly played on my phone. The second time was much more significant.  We had been riding back home from robotics state championship.  It was late and no one could sleep after the excitement of the day.  A sat across the aisle from me.  We just talked, nothing crazy.  But was different from anything else I’ve experienced.  This person was no longer quiet like they are normally perceived. It was no longer everything behind closed doors. We got to experience a conversation where someone actually cared about what was being said; we both reflected on our past and how we’ve both changed greatly since then.  After that, we’ve been really good friends, where before we just about hated each other.  We have even had several small instances where we have let go, if only for a few moments.

Person A is not the only person that has done this with me.  Another person (who we’ll call person B) has done this to, perhaps without them even knowing it.  Person B has do a project about growing plants.  This person had asked me to go with them to check on the seedlings.  We got there, and B decided that the plants needed to go with them over the weekend. B went to where the seeds were and explained to me what the plants were and telling me about plans for college.  I left to look around the room while I was waiting for B, and went back around the other side to watch them after a while.  Person B was still marveling at the beauty of the seeds long after I was gone.  As I was watching them, I could see their future flashing before my eyes. I could see them going away for college.  Sitting in classes waiting for it to end. Getting married to their partner after 3 years. Buying their first house together. It was all right there laid out for me to see.

Among these, I realize now that every time someone opens up for me, I also open up for them, or else I wouldn’t be able to appreciate it.  There have also been times when I have let myself go, when I can’t do anything else but laugh. Or sit in a room and watch the world revolve around me, oblivious to the watching eyes. So now, get to experience a person’s true self, one moment at a time.


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