My whole life, I’ve been an introspective person.  If my mind is not occupied, I am definitely contemplating life. I am always having conversations with myself in my head, and this is a good way to let others join in.  If you are expecting a poised, “proper” attitude, prepare to be disappointed. I’m here for the real shit. Questions about life, my daily struggles, intelligent narrative, that’s what this is for.  When writing this or anything else, it’s guaranteed I was listening to music.  I’m going to try to give a song suggestion for each article, but no promises.  I listened to “Be As You Are’ by Mike Posner and “Happy Little Pill” while writing this.  The best way to know someone for real, is 3AM conversations and their music choices.  This is my attempt to bring  both of these to you.

My Mission: My purpose here is to provide an outside perspective to the problems we all face.  I want to open up conversations about life, and provide the words and music to enable that